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Boost Vendor Maturity, and Realise Opportunity

How does your business position themselves against the key areas of Vendor Management? Do you hold the key capabilities needed to cover the whole spectrum of a vendor relationship? Brooklyn Vendor Assurance support key areas of procurement, aligned to the future of technology and all your IT Roadmap objectives.

How can you boost your Vendor Management strengths?

Align your Vendor Management goals to a robust IT roadmap

Digitise your critical contractual agreements, for your most strategic vendors

Make rational-based decisions using automated KPIs and measures across Vendor Contract, Risk, Performance and Relationship Management

Create a focus on your supply chain, through a centralised platform specialising in vast Vendor Management 

Segment and Consolidate your vendors, whilst generating a digital policy for each of your vendor tiers

Track and take action against your vendors, through transparent scoring and analytics, specific to each area of Vendor Management 

Bringing Forward Solutions for Vendor Management

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance helps procurement by bringing together Vendor Contract, Risk, Performance and Relationship Management, all under one roof.  

Want to find out more about our solutions?

Select one of our three stages to discover where you sit across your organisation's Vendor Management journey