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BrooklynVA have developed the perfect solutions for businesses looking to launch new Vendor Management capabilities within the organisation. If you have a distributed team to engage, and limited best practice to abide by, we may have the key to enhanced supply chain interaction.

Digitise a Vendor Management Framework

Follow BVA Best Practice by ensuring complete supplier management using our Digital Vendor Management Framework. Configure quick start templates to your business needs, and easily evolve a governance workflow.

Segment and Consolidate your Vendors

Tier your vendors based on your custom operational and risk criteria. Define the right level of governance across each tier, to ensure vendor efficiency. Expose your most critical vendors, and establish strategic priority across the supply chain.

Prepare Vendor Reviews through a One-Click Meeting Canvas

Minimise preparation times for meetings with out one-click workflow, ensuring consistency with policy-driven agenda items. Capture and assign actions, risks and approvals, all across an automated agenda and meeting minutes.

Track and Audit Vendor Reviews

Populate a digital vendor timeline of all your vendor-related reviews. Build a history of vendor efforts for audit trail purposes, and ensure timely input, gathered for future reviews.

Automated SLA Processing

Automatically process your vendor performance data, highlighting anomalies and trends across the supply chain. Configure these processes through custom key metrics, against your required contractual targets. 

Vendor Scoring

Score and comment on your vendor interactions in real-time, with a single click. Build up an instant granular view of vendor performance and underlying supply chain trends. Which, is all automatically generated against your configured Vendor Management Framework.

Vendor Performance and Compliance Analytics

Spot anomalies in your vendor's efforts, and drill into the activity of each SRM and relative vendors. Bring to life numerous ways of reporting against your vendor efforts. Incentivise next steps, generated through quick-to-build reviews and actions.

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