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If you have some Vendor Management capabilities in place, but you are still looking to digitise organisational best practice. Initiate solutions that bring together teams within the organisation. Use BrooklynVA as a single pane of glass to manage Vendor Relationship, Contract, Performance and Risk.

Digitised Contract Management Capabilities

Obligation Capture and Tracking

Build out your obligation log, tracking contractual compliance. Continuously monitor adherence to company policy, by generating reviews and calls to action against your obligations. Track compliance to obligations through vendor scoring and audit trails.

Audit Trails and Activity Tracking

Track the progress of supplier compliance by referring to vendor scoring and reporting. Through one-click, navigate your way to items with anomalies against contract management trends throughout the supply chain.

Consistent Supplier Compliance

Support supplier compliance and generate best practice workflows by working against a Vendor Management Framework. Manage this compliance through automated vendor scoring and compliance checks.

User Friendly Vendor Navigation

Free-flowing Stakeholder Navigator

Navigate easily and effectively to your most critical areas of the vendor relationship. Track open actions, centrally select meeting minutes, retain an overview of vendor performance and key information, and more. This is all securely configured and controlled through user-based access.

Centralised Vendor Information

Clear and concise vendor information, all stored under a one-repository platform. Tailor vendor priority, manage key contacts and store your most important documentation amongst a vendor studio.

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